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Pop art

Different shades of the Man called Zik,
Created by Mintable Gasless Store

Dr. Nnamdi Benjamin "Zik" Azikiwe , usually referred to as "Zik", was a #Nigerian statesman and political leader who served as the first #President of Nigeria from 1963 to 1966. Considered a driving force behind the nation's independence, he came to be known as the "father of Nigerian Nationalism". Zik  played a very Vital role in the independence of Nigeria From its colonial Masters Britain. Born in 1904, he was a politician, and also one Founders of Modern Nigeria. In the year 1937, Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe Founded a newspaper ( the west African Pilot ) , and later Co-founded the National Council Of Nigeria and cake , a Political Party Which he was the Secretary and Later President.  He was elected into both the Western and Eastern House of Representatives , later became Premier of the Eastern Region ( 1952-1959 ). At the Federal level, he Served as the Senator President, Governor General ( 1960- 1963) and later President ( 1963 - 1966 ). Dr Nnamdi Azikiwe's image is on the Nigerian's Second Highest denomination (#500) note. In the NFT : - Ziks' photos; from his favorite sport to being a statesman. - his image on the Nigerian's Second Highest denomination (#500) - Co-founded the National Council Of Nigeria and Cameroon - and Founded a newspaper ( the west African Pilot ) - the song, UWA BU UKE ONYE Dr. Sir Warrio r and the Oriental brothers sang on his tribal tongue as selected by Coin News Extra themselves. This is the Third and final #NFT for Coin News Extra There are 3 created for auction.

Nelson "Madiba" Mandela,
Created by Doc Vince

Nelson "Madiba" Mandela :  an icon and played a very Vital role in the independence of South Africa ,Born in the Eastern Cape, on 18th July 1918. One of Mandela's Favorite Quote is  " I have fought against white domination and i have fought against Black domination. I have cherished the ideal of a democratic and free society in which all persons live together in harmony and with equal opportunities. It is an ideal which I hope to live for and to achieve But if needs be, it is an ideal for which I am prepared to die " Speech From the Quote by Nelson Mandela on 20th April 1964. Nelson Mandela was the first democratically elected South African President, he was inaugurated as President on 10th May 1994.  He made history by keeping to his promise to serve a one term as President of South Africa, when he stepped down in 1999. This is an act which is rear for most leaders in the World.  He died at his home in Johannesburg on 5th December 2013. In this NFT are things that are  part of "Madiba's" legacy; - photo when Mandela was a young adult wearing the Thembu people' s traditional clothes - Invictus   by William Hensley - the poem that strengthen Mandela during difficult and hardest times  - one of Mandela's favorite song written by Jeremy Dammers performed by th UK SkA band the Specials - Nelson Mandela Majority of the Proceeds of this NFT will be donated to Coin News Extra Foundation for Education and Charity  

Donald Dok,
Created by Santos

First of a serie, tribute to a person who revolutionized his own world

Makey mouse,
Created by Santos

make stories, make music, make mouse

Fused hearts 2021 Sabet x Gabe Weis.png

Fused Hearts 2021,
Created by Sabet & Gabe Weis

I've been called the Collaborator often. I've collaborated with great artists and amazing brands such as Montblanc, John Varvatos and BMW. But never have I collaborated with someone that I have connected with as much as I have with Gabe. Not only I love his work and what it stands for, I love him as a human being. I'm so grateful for this collaboration. This piece is a combination of one of my female portraits and faces infused with one of Gabe's iconic paintings. We hope you enjoy this piece!" - Sabet 

Jesse James,
Created by RoDel

Jesse James was an American outlaw, bank and train robber, guerrilla, and leader of the James–Younger Gang. Raised in the "Little Dixie" area of western Missouri, James and his family maintained strong Southern sympathies. He and his brother Frank James joined pro-Confederate guerrillas known as "bushwhackers" operating in Missouri and Kansas during the American Civil War.

Napoleon - #001,
Created by UnFy

The very first collectible of the "Skeletons through history" collection.  A collection that will showcase famous people trough history and will travel through the wallets of collectors.

The Ethereum 10k,
Created by Lindsay

Thanks for all the love you have showed to my NFTs recently so here I am giving back to the community. I am giving away $10,000 (6 ETH) to 1 person!  ($10k is sitting here: 0x5FFBC8B88B695868489Cd6eaFC83DE72Acd7aa87). The moment this NFT gets sold out, I will randomly send this winning amount to the winner holding at least 1 edition of this NFT and give him a shout-out on my twitter! Whatever revenue this NFT generates will directly go to SaveTheChildren and I will share the acknowledgement from them on my Twitter :)

The Ethereum 10K.png
The Third Eye #06.png

The Third Eye #06 - 50/50 Edition,
Created by Dario De Siena

I created this artwork to show my love for this wonderful community. I feel secure and accepted and that feels my heart and motivates me to continue. ❤️🙏

Dragon girl,
Created by Popil

Dragon girl,NFT Art project. As an Asian artist, I want to share love and support to all in the Asian community. 50% of each sale will be donated directly to victims of recent hate crimes. #StopAsianHate ❤️Art and Music by me.


Created by missalsimpson

Blockchain mapping. Techno colour flashes. The future is made in Osaka.

Created by RomanKos

Marlene Revisited (Housewife Dreaming) 2

Marlene Revisited (Housewife Dreaming) 2020,
Created by Zam

‘Housewife Dreaming’ is the 7th piece in the series. This one was probably inspired by Australian and English home-making, craft and interiors magazines that I used to buy back in the day when I was still a voracious collector of vintage stuff, and they were found easily and far more cheaply for reference material.

Hi res Art available for download, which unlocks upon request post purchase/contact with creator.

This item is an edition of 6 in total. 4/6 will be offered individually. The 5/5 edition and 6/6 edition were sold as part of sets to previous buyers.

Marlene Revisited (Botanica Exotica) 2020,
Created by Zam

‘Botanica Exotica’ is the 8th piece in the series. This one has influences of Marie Antoinette and the Rococo period, 1930s Berlin underground culture, and a hint of pop icon Madonna. Interestingly Madonna has referenced both in her career (the first for her performance of Vogue at the MTV AWArds, 1990, the latter during her ‘Erotica’ album phase). There’s also vintage rose print wallpaper incorporated, which I peeled off the walls of a home being demolished in Double Bay, Sydney which had belonged to a wealthy dentist.

Marlene Revisited (Botanica Exotica) 202
Marlene Revisited (Kimono) 2020 Full.png

Marlene Revisited (Kimono) 2020, Created by Zam

‘Kimono’ is the 9th piece in the series. I’ve always loved Asian objet d’art and design. This one was inspired by Japanese culture in particular the delicate colourings of vintage Kimono fabrics, as well as Japanese pop culture and fashion. I worked in some capacity on ‘Fruits’ an internationally touring exhibition of magazine/book publisher Shiochi Aoki’s photos, which documented the Harajuku fashion movement, based in the Shibuya District, Tokyo. At this same time Gwen Stefani had just released the heavily Harajuku-influenced hit album “Love Angel Music Baby’ which I was coincidentally listening to as I worked on that job. All those things continue to have a significant influence on me, and I guess this is the result!

Marlene Revisited (Jellies) 2020, Created by Zam

‘Jellies’ is the 10th piece in the series. This one was inspired by children’s birthday celebrations but it also has a vintage burlesque/circus feel to it. I do love all kinds of cakes, pin ups and show girls.

Hi res Art available for download, which unlocks upon request post purchase/contact with creator. This item is an edition of 6 in total. 4/6 will be offered individually. The 5/5 edition and 6/6 edition were sold as part of sets to previous buyers.

Marlene Revisited (Jellies) 2020.png
Marlene Revisited (Inbetween Days) 2020

Marlene Revisited (Inbetween Days) 2020, Created by Zam

‘Inbetween Days’ is the 11th piece in the series. Growing up the music, as well as the graphics/image utilized by group The Cure was in equal parts a massive influence on my teenage mind for years. I particularly liked the drawings for record sleeves which I think may have been done by lead Robert Smith.

This piece takes its inspiration from the Tim Pope–directed video clip for their 1985 single ‘Inbetween Days’ as well as the art direction of English Smash Hits magazine of the time which incorporated rough collage, colourful paint splashes, and snippets of vintage advertising in a really creative and humorous way.

Sunset Corruption from the Subway Stop,
Created by QuantumVariant

This piece is 3744 x 3744 pixels

Thanks you so much for supporting artists.

Sunset Corruption from the Subway Stop.p

Created by aeoixs

Decentralized osaka,
Created by d5k

a memory of the events that are taking place in osaka right now

Decentralized osaka.png
Owl beclaws of you | The Owls are not Wh

Owl beclaws of you | The Owls are not What They Seem #3, Created by Matt French Art 

Somewhere beyond our psyche, we fly free, And perch on the edge of the Vanilla wilderness hedge, And gaze at the sandy sea

Lady Gaga,
Created by Matt French Art 

Just dance. Because you were born this way. A bad romance. With a poker face. 1 of 10 Limited Edition NFT

Lady Gaga.png
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