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Dreaming in Kandinsky.png

Dreaming in Kandinsky,
Created by RoDeL

You understand the world? Maybe yes, maybe no, but on many occasions I see inexplicable shapes, almost impossible colours and I like to give them all the form of art, many call it "Abstract". Really made with my mind in a fantastic and unreal place! Enjoy it!

QV_Experiment A006 - World Closing In,
Created by QuantumVariant

These are a series of digital art experiments I worked on to challenge & inspire myself to keep the creative juices flowing. This was one of those days where I felt the world closing in on me.

QV_Experiment A006 - World Closing

Unseen by eyes but forged in stone,
Created by Venus V2

Venus, first celebrity of antiquity, a being not of this earth, but born into it, who’s mission to live and love exposes the goddess’ complex, radical identity. Tales of her celestial softness and fiery chaos reflect back to us the realities of our own struggles. And this garden Venus, an ode to marbled metaphor, who argues: received selfies are sweet, but those lost to one’s iPhone library are sweeter. What filters are used? What angle is chosen? Emerging from the seed of myth and the spark of science, our icon of the metaverse, frozen in silence and in place, gives face as fleshy springtime flowers, birds and bees carry on pursuit of their earthly delights. Who are those coming to discover her? Who are those coming to like her? To leave their thoughts in the comments down below? A silent robot, she teases us and we lose our train of thought. As does eternity: Influencer Pastoral! And when this generation is wasted by old age, our goddess will remain in the midst of sending an unknown special someone a chiseled face of beauty and truth, more reflective of their own image than hers.

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