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 A Call For Artists

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A call for artists

Digital Plastic is in the process of collecting NFT art from established artists within the community. Each piece of donated art will be displayed both and sold via the Opensea & Digital Plastic platforms.


The funds that are raised from the sale of the art is used to purchase physical art supplies that are shipped to a number of under resourced communities around the world.


Our initial goal of $5000/CAD has been reached and the supplies (500 units/sets) have been purchased and received.  


As of now we are raising funds thru NFT donations for shipping, transport and the logistics.  Each unit/set will suffice one artists journey into the NFT space thru our workshop and educational processes, each specific to the local needs.  We are very happy to be offering this opportunity and believe we can make a difference. "NFT's to save to world".

Call for artists

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Explainer video

Explainer Video


Location Photos


Digital Plastic based in Vancouver, Canada is fund raising (to start) four (4) classrooms worth of art supplies (25 individual packages to each class).


The art supplies consists of 12 tubes @ 100ml of acrylic paint, a 30 page canvas art book, 3 brushes, 1 pencil and 1 eraser.


The supplies will be sent via courier to our local contacts on the ground in the following four (4) locations:

1) Cameroon, Central Africa.

2) Lagos in, Nigeria, Africa.

3) Ayetoro in Nigeria, Africa.

4) Santo Domingo in Dominican Republic.


The local correspondents will receive the packages and arrange for a select group of students at the respected schools to accept and start producing physical art. Once the art is complete our staff will journey to the locations to digitize the art and record each pieces story. Digital Plastic will mint the art on the blockchain and have it for sale and auction. Once the 500 piece collection sells our the funds will be automatically delivered thru a custom smart contract to the artist, the institution and another local charity.

The goal is to provide an outlet for the artist, school and community to improve the current local situation.

Each artist will receive a portion of the sale directly either in their local currency or in a cryptocurrency of their choice. This will be decided prior to the minting process specific to each artists direct needs.

We appreciate everything this NFT space and community has made possible for us all. We want everyone to know this an absolutely amazing opportunity to not only create art, but to save the world as we do it :)

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