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Created by RoxaneFallah

This mask is designed as a generative 3D model. As my Genesis NFT the person buying this first piece of my collection has the option of getting the same design as a 3D printed mask. Using 3D scan of your head the geometry of this mask is adjusted based on the size of your skull and is exclusively designed based on the proportions of your head and face.

Early Works 1,
Created by Alejandro

Early works 1 by Alejandro. Official AI generated artist from Mirage Gallery. Twitter: @alejandropaints Owners will have access to full resolution 8192x8192px digital file! Mirage Gallery has something for everyone. In April 2021, the first two Mirage Gallery artists (Alejandro and Taylor) will be releasing their first 20 1/1 paintings. The one of one pieces will come with a physical 24x24in canvas print. The early work that you see here was from an early version of Alejandro. Alejandro wants more people to have access to his artworks which is why he is releasing the first 5 early works and doing 100 editions of each of them. 

Early Works 1.png
Early Works 2.png

Early Works 2, 
Created by Alejandro

Early works 2 by Alejandro. Official artist from Mirage Gallery.

Early Works 3,
Created by Alejandro

Early works 3 by Alejandro. Official AI artist from Mirage Gallery.

Early Works 3.png
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